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Carp Fishing lake in the dordogne , France.

Massive Carp to 58 lb and free WIFI in most swims.

Welcome to Etang de Beynac, exclusive and individual French Lake Carp fishing holidays for the discerning Carp angler.

Tel: 0033 5 53 56 34 15 home

Tel: 0033 643326024 mobile..

phil 52 mirror carp

Phil and Erica invite you to fish our mature 300 year old genuine 12 acre Carp lake set on our 120 acre private estate.  The Carp Lake is an old gravel pit with many features. Depths range  from 15 feet. Overhanging trees, reeds, weeds and stream beds are to be found. There are no problematic weeds. The bottom is mostly gravel  with silty areas, a truly ideal and natural habitat for carp and water life. The lake is outstanding, being surrounded by mature oaks and pines; you really are in the wilderness. Wildlife abounds, there are many deer and other animals. The birdsong during the day and the Frog chorus in the night is spectacular. This truly is a place for you to unwind and relax.  Privacy , peace and tranquility interrupted by screaming runs are what to expect. We wish for you to enjoy your angling holiday as much as we love to live here. We welcome you to come for your best ever carp fishing holiday which we are passionate at providing for you.

This part of the Aquitaine region in the Dordogne is largely a Regional park , park national and regional of Limousin, and renowned for some of the most spectacular scenery in France. This is how England used to be 50 years ago, come and experience it for yourself, you’ll love it.
This is truly a water to cater for all anglers at all levels, you will definitely not get bored with the carp fishing or the scenery, all I can say is that a week is never enough, its that addictive.
We provide for your convenience Internet, washing machine, large refrigerator, shower and toilet facilities plus barbeque.

There are 11 swims for a maximum of 6 anglers  which gives you plenty of choice. Due to being very reasonably priced for 4 or even 2 anglers good catch rates are more attainable.

Fish Stock

Phil 50 plus mirror carp

2015 season we are starting to see numerous different 50lb plus carp being caught all of which so far are unknown fish, this bodes well we could be seeing our first 60lb carp this year.

We drained and netted the lake in October 2011 to remove any unwanted fish and to assess the Carp stock. We were pleased to see that the netting that was carried out in 2008 was successfull in that there were only a handfull of Bream and Catfish left. These have now been removed so we are bream free. All of the Roach were removed along with a fair few Pike, Zander and large Perch. We have left a popoulation of these predators in the lake to keep down the poulation of silver fish and small Carp.

For Netting pictures click Vidange.

There were 260 Carp netted and returned ranging from 14 lb to 52lb. These were all in perfect health and we are looking for larger weight gains for the future due to the reduced biomass and feeding regime.

matt 53 mirror carp

We have since introduced a further 50 fantastic Mirror carp of around 18 lb, these fish are extremely high quality and we are expecting to see large weight gains in all of our fish. A further stocking of 16 x 33 lb and 1 x 40 lb mirror carp was done in January 2012 plus an additional stocking of a further 2 x 29 lb , 8 x 31 lb and 2 x 33lb mirror carp in December 2012.

For more stocking photos click here.

We are looking forward to the 2015 season and with approx 350 gorgeous Carp one can expect to bank a fair few.

There is also one Grass Carp of 41 lb which is a challenge to catch and has come out only once since stocking.

toms 41 grassy

Baiting strategies can be done with confidence since there are no nuisance species to be mopping up your bait..

If you wish to fish in a beautiful setting for gorgeous fish then this is the place for you all at a very affordable price.

There are no nuisance species such as poisson chat and crayfish.

Pellets work extremely well on this water since the Carp are used to what we feed them during the year, these can be purchased from us.

If you wish to arrive early / depart late then we have plenty of space to camp.

Mirror carp 55-12


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